Our Mission

We want to achieve Carbon neutrality for all 21 BP.   Having a net zero carbon footprint, refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered.  We will do this by planting trees to make up for the carbon dioxide released to run our servers.

How will we do it?

The initial idea is to offset the EnuTom BP in year one.  By year 6 we plan to offset all 21 BP carbon emissions.  We can do this simply by planting trees.  Around 220 trees to be exact.  One tree can offset 1 TON of carbon emissions over 40 years.  If we plant 220 trees in one year it should offset 5.5 TONs of carbon emissions created by running a single block producer.  The next year we will plant 440 more trees.   Since we planted 220 trees the first year it will offset another 5.5 tons.  For a total of 16.5 TONs of carbon emissions by year 2.  By year 40 we plan to offset all over 800 servers  worth of carbon emissions.


  • Year 1, 220 trees (total 220) planted will offset 1 BP which produces 5.5 tons of C02 per year.
  • Year 2, 440 trees (total 660) planted will offset 3 BP which produces 16.5 tons of C02 per year.
  • Year 5, 1100 trees (total 3300) planted will offset 15 BP which produces 82.5 tons of C02 per year.
  • Year 6, 1320 trees (total 4620) planted will offset 21 BP which produces 115.5 tons of C02 per year.
  • Year 10, 2200 trees (total 12100) planted will offset 55 Servers which produces 302.5 tons of C02 per year.
  • Year 40, 8800 trees (total 180400) planted will offset 820 Servers which produces 4510 tons of C02 per year.